Sometimes, you sit there and think ‘what?’. Sometimes, you sit there and think ‘did that comment add anything at all?’. And sometimes you think both.

Today was a both moment.

The High Court’s ruling could be ascribed to many things (and having lost to the High Court versus the NLA we know a fair bit about such events….! Though, we did of course win further down the track. But that’s a different and well-known matter).

It could be laid at the door of our uncodified constitution. Or at the histircally rather vague separation of powers that comes with it.

It could be laid at sloppy Parliamentary draftsmanship. Or at an over-active Judiciary.

But what it *can’t* be blamed on is ‘grave communications failures’.

I know our industry carries the can for a whole heap of things. But legal uncertainty over Brexit isn’t one of them…..