My industry called Brexit wrong. We called the US election wrong too. And for that matter, I didn’t see too many of us calling last year’s UK General Election right either. 

Our response? To establish a broad based review of how we got it wrong; how the political classes got it wrong; the media got it wrong; and the polling companies got it wrong (of the final 10 polls, 7 said Remain would win; 3 that Leave would). Led by Andy Sawford, chief of Connect, and an ex MP.

Now I call that sensible, mature, and self-effacing.

A website called dedicated to political betting has gone a bit nuts about that though…..

Now I *was* going to put a comment underneath their piece. And then I saw the other comments. They’re just a bit strange. The first I saw was about Transubstantiation.... A fine topic doubtless, but I don’t see what it’s got to do with elections.

And as for the Editor of the website’s comment “Quite what PR men can add to the serious examination that has taken place is hard to say.”, well, two thirds of PR practitioners are women actually. And I think we have rather a lot to say…..!

More follows in due course