At the PRCA's 17 in 17 event last week, we were asked about is the combined effect of fake news and increased cynicism about corporations. See below for the PRCA's recommendations.

I think the effect is a delicious, seething mass of despair and opportunity for PR professionals.

It intensifies resource requirements to monitor and react to breaking news (fake or otherwise). It lowers audiences’ mental barriers to accepting falsehoods about organisations. It increases scepticism when corporations try and set the record straight. It provides a platform from which smaller competitors can call out poor corporate citizenship of industry giants. It creates much head scratching about corporate brand values and how ‘real’ they are.

I’m an optimist, so I’m going to say that this could drive up the perceived value of PR within corporations (in the same way as crisis management does) and the size of PR and research budgets and, potentially, the coffers of agencies. This is good news (though the trends make me personally uncomfortable).