Despite the sceptics, Snapchat has grown into one of the most popular social media platforms thus far. 

Gone (mostly) are the days when its sole function was to send *cheeky* disappearing pictures. Now users can curate and watch video 'stories' as well as catch-up on the latest news from Buzzfeed, Wired, Mashable, The Economist, Vice, etc. 

To be honest, the stats talk for themselves. The digestable format of content on Snapchat means that most people are consuming it - something I'm sure your Google/Twitter/Facebook analytics aren't reflecting!

So what does this mean? And why the hell is it relevant to B2B Technology PR

Quite simply; times have change my friend. While images were once what differentiated one post from another, it's now video that's king. While Computer Weekly, or Finextra haven't yet begun to publish stories in a snap-like form, there's no doubt that will soon be 'a thing'. Especially as their audiences become younger, more mobile and time-starved.

This isn't just something for your go-to 'social media guru' either. All B2B PRs must embrace this change early, and start to think about storytelling in the following new ways: 

- Video, video, video: we need to start thinking about how to convey news and campaigns in a visual format. No, not just as an 'infographic' guys! 

- Getting stories across in a 10 second format (hello rebirth of the elevator pitch!) 

- Reacting quickly to news in a visual element. Snaps last for 24 hours and are highly relevant to immediate news and surroundings. We must start to apply this way of thinking to our hi-jack type opportunities.